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It was, as we maintain to this day - Love at First Bite. Engineering days in a good college come with whole lot of time to kill, enough happiness for your parents to give a generous pocket money, and a lean(er) body to support continuous flow of binge eating!!

But that was then, when me and Neha used to never skip an opportunity for 'trying something new' or 'going to a nice place' or 'talking over coffee'. Now, after 8 years of dating and half a year of marriage (update in Aug, 2014 - 3.5 years of marriage!), we find ourselves spending an insane amount of time in the kitchen and the bar (more than perhaps in the bedroom!!!)

So here it is, our own food and drinks blog. We aim to incorporate all our cooking extravaganzas, our cocktail expeditions, our eating outs, our partying and the travel (which more than sightseeing tends to involve mouthwatering).

So Hop on and loosen your (seat) belts!!

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e-Mail: mridul.karkara at gmail dot com
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  1. Looking forward to it. The foreword was tantalizing!

  2. Totally loved the Prologue.Cant wait to read more. Good work Mrids!!!

  3. Love this Neha.... i will be a regular on this blog ! :)

  4. Its sooper dooper Start guys ......loved it :)

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This blog is from the kitchen of Neha Gupta and Mridul Karkara. We go about our days pretending to be HR Managers and Business Consultants respectively, though in reality, just thinking about our next big meal! This food blog is a representation of our experiments in the kitchen and for the simple joy of cooking and sharing!

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