In Hyderabad - A Foodie's Paradise

The title was an attempt to put upfront the most famous place to eat in Hyderabad - 1. Paradise for its world renowned Biryani's, but Hyderabad is much more than that for a foodie. And me, who rarely likes anything to do with rice, its the lesser known places which mattered the most. For these were times spent well fed in the city of Nawabs. Writing this blog to remember our most favorite places to go out and simply have a great time.

2. Chutney's

Its not difficult to say that this perhaps, is the best food we have had in Hyderabad outside of home. One can arguably find better biryani's in say - Delhi, but by no means are better chutneys made than in Chutney's itself. Things to order - MLA Peserattu (Dosa stuffed with Upma), Babai Hotel Idli (Super soft buttery idlis) and Steamed Dosa - best to enjoy the unlimited supply of six varieties of delectable chutneys.

3. Southern Spice

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and when in Hyderabad eat at Southern Spice. Whether that fits or not, what is meant is that SS serves authentic Andhra food - which is spicy, rich and dangerously lip smacking. Neha recommends Kodi Iguru with their innovative breads - The Masala Naan in particular is delightful - and the taste will stay with you for hours. Discovered this place late, and will definitely go back to it once more.

4. Coco's

This place gives you a feel of being in Goa, with its open air setting and live music. I like the sizzlers here but perhaps everything would taste alright when downed with some beer and a nice breeze - which more often than not blesses the lovely Hyderabad weather.

5. 1857

Another Rooftop Wonder. This place serves very nice, typical Mughlai fare. What separates the place from the rest is its decor and overall ambience (overlooks the Husain Sagar lake). Truly romantic and worth at least one visit. Neha did not quite like the varied mojitos here so can be given a skip

6. Collage - Ista Hotels

We have to say this is one of the best lunch buffets that we have had. The most interesting presentation with each salad portion served in an individual mini-dish and the most peculiar spread ranging from chat-papdi to best-in-class wood fired pizzas to a teppenyaki grill. A bit far off from the main city but worth the extra travel into the lesser known but fast developing portion of the city.

7. News Cafe

This 'upmarket' cafe overlooks the Durgam Cheruvu lake right in the middle of Hitech City. A bit heavy on the pocket, but serves interesting margaritas and martinis. For the 'Men' there is a nice collection of whiskys. Accompany it with chicken wings or the veg/non veg platters and lounge it away.

8. Gandipet/Osman Sagar

To enjoy this out of town deserted lake, you need to pack your food in the city and drive down the outer ring road. Enjoy beers and pizzas in peace, with just the sound of splashing water as music to your ears. A not to miss experience if you have a bunch of friends around and a self driven car.

9. Kismet

The latest and most happening discotheque in Hyd. The Park has introduced some nice places to the city and Kismet along with Carbon (The lounge) make the newest hideouts. Kismet plays commercial music on Fridays and house on Saturdays. It has a Rs 2,ooo cover charge which is at par for such a happening place.

10. 10 Downing Street

Perhaps the most famous pub in Hyderabad, this place is jam packed almost every night of the day. An irish pub types setting, 10D, as it is commonly known has a different themed music each day. Don't miss the retro Friday's here and party till at least 1 AM


Well, what can we say, Hyd would be truly missed, actually not because of these wonderful places, but more because of people with whom these were frequented - our super fun friends.

Blog dedicated to (starting from senior most) Avik, Dhruv, Purav, Asha, Mohit and Prabhjot



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