Fio, Buzz, Capitol and FBar

So I finally decided to put an end to the South Indian odyssey after spending two years in Kerala and one year in Hyderabad. Not that I disliked any of the places, there is only so long you can stay away from Saddi Dilli.

And being the foodies and party people (i know it sounds funny) we are, it was time to get back to trying new places (So much has happened over the last three years!)

So it started off with a romantic dinner to celebrate recent career success. This time we decided to try  Fio at the Garden of Five Senses. Its a herculean task to get to the place (its in the middle of nowhere) but once you reach, its peace and enrichment. We went for the white wine and italian cuisine as against the Indian food (They serve both).

The chicken and fish skewers were presented well and the pizza was as thin as it can get without being called a paapad! But the real enjoyment was open air seating, beautifully done exteriors and a light drizzle to consummate the experience.

The next weekend was reserved for some late night partying and club-hopping with friends. We started off at Buzz - Saket and began the party by dancing to tacky bollywood songs and a few Hip Hop numbers. Routine stuff to kick off!

The next stop (at 2 in the night) was Capitol at Ashoka. The club plays commercial music late into the night and there are no entry charges if you arrive late enough. A few shots and some crazy dancing later we went ahead to try out the FBar in the same hotel. Now Fbar is where you find opulence and class with house music and expensive drinks. Come here well fed and well hammered and you can  have a Pretty good time :P

So that was the synopses from two different but super fun weekends in Delhi. Stay tuned for more updates from the US of A as plans brew to invade the east cost!


  1. Of course, a lot more happened that day that has been left out of this post ;)



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