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So it's the second trip to US and man are people here obsessed with food. Half the ads on TV are about restaurant chains ranging from low end Wendy's and Taco Bell to slightly better Red Lobster and Olive Garden. Now there have been so so many team dinners and weekend outings that it won't make sense to write about all places I have visited. Instead I thought I will share the top few dishes/drinks I had in terms of the overall experience including the newness and fullness of taste. So here it goes


Freshly Brewed Beer. It isn't really something unique to US but this place near Times Square, NY - Heartland Brewery serves around 10 varieties of those. I tried the Beer sampler going from light to dark. Loved the wheat beer as always but their trademark one was the dark ale with a hint of chocolate and coffee. Burp!

Traditional Margarita. Again nothing unique unless you have it near the US-Mexico border in San Diego, CA. This place in old Mexican town served absolutely yum margaritas. A little sweeter than usual but with a distinctly different tequila flavor. And mean as hell! Nothing to complain. Another bro had the 'Ka-Rita: Not served more than 3 to any one customer.' More like super delicious poison. Hick!

Mimosa. Had this one at a fun french restaurant in NY - Pastis. It's basically a sparkling wine/champagne cocktail had mostly during brunches but then it tastes good whenever. A mixture of 3 parts wine/champagne and 1 part orange juice, its a bit of a girly drink but doesn't hurt to taste a few. Enchante!!


Crispy Calamari. The fried and crispy calamari/squid has become one of my most favorite starters specially in Italian restaurants. Its a not the typical soft and fresh sea-food we are used to but more like exotic french fries. Its weird to compare potatoes with squids but when you dip   it in marinara, ranch or any of the accompanying sauces, its as addictive as their land grown vegetable cousins.

Guacamole. US has a high proportion of latino population and the impact of Mexican cuisine is apparent. Guacamole is a avacado based dip which is spiced with jalapenos. A delight to have with fresh nachos. The one I had on west coast was perhaps more authentic and less spicy. The east coast versions had more of jalepones and lemony flavor. Another super yum starter I wish to perfect making at home.

Burrgerrs. How can a trip to the land of fast food be completed without having hearty beef/chicken/turkey/crab/tuna burgers. The Burger King, McDs are passe and the real good ones are found in american eateries. I loved the cheeseburger at CheeseCake Factory and the chicken burger at an Irish restaurant. But the best one was the minced turkey burger at HB Burger near Times Square. Perfectly soft buns, flavorful turkey patty, american cheese and lettuce tomato. Heaven in your mouth

This is it for now. The real gastronomical trip will start next week when Wifey comes visiting. More updates later..


  1. WAHH! I too am waiting for Wifey -- more mimosas need to be had ;)



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