Burger Mexicana

We have always loved Mexican cuisine, and have been experimenting with it for a while. This time we wanted to try a Mexican burger, with the flavours of jalapeños and beans.

Let's run through this fairly simple recipe.

Ingredients (For making two burgers)

For the patty

Finely chopped garlic: 1-2 cloves
Finely chopped onions: 1/2 cup
French beans: 1/2 cup
Paneer: 50 gms (Just for binding)
Red Beans: 1 cup boiled
Panko style bread crumbs: 1/2 cup
Bread Slice: 1

For assembling the burger
Wheat burger buns: 2
Onions: 1 large onion thinly sliced
Jalapeños: 10-12 thinly sliced
Sun-dried tomatoes: 5-6
Southwest Mayo/Thousand Island Sauce: 2 Tbsp
Cheddar Cheese: 2 Tbsp shredded


1. Sauté the garlic, onions and french beans to remove all the moisture and bitterness

 2. Combine the sauteed mixture with beans, paneer, and crumpled bread slice to make round patties. Coat the patties with panko bread crumbs (these really make the patties crispy, and restaurant-like). Pan-fry to make them well-done. While you are doing this, you can also cook the sun-dried tomatoes so they lose their extra oil/moisture.

3. Caramelize the onions - basically cooking them till they are golden brown and have oozed out their sugar.

4. Assemble the burger: We used thousand island as the base sauce, but one can experiment with multiple options. You can also use salsa or simple mayo. Also, it is a good idea to slightly toast the burger buns with butter, but only just, to make them warm and crispy from inside.

And that is it! Enjoy your burger on a Sunday afternoon with a glass of Margarita or a pint of Corona to complete the Mexican experience. Adios!


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