That was the expression we had after eating this fantastic dip for the first time in a traditional Mexican restaurant in US. I am told that 'Guacamole and Chips' is a regular street food item in Mexico and one can customize the spice level of the dip based on one's taste. The chips are traditionally freshly cooked nachos, but it tastes equally good with typical nacho chips packets.


1 Medium Ripe Avocado

1/4 cup Spring Onions (finely chopped along with the greens)
1/4 cup Tomatoes (finely chopped)
2 Tsp Lemon Juice
JalapeƱos (chopped; based on level of spice desired)
Lots of coriander
Salt to taste (We use Kosher/Sea Salt)


Given this is a dip, the process is just about mixing the ingredients together. However, the key nuance in this recipe is to handle the Avocado. The avocados we get in India are either under-ripe or over-ripe, both of which will spoil the dip. It has to be medium ripe - and there are two things that indicate that:

1. The outer layer is almost (but not 100%) covered with black spots
2. It is not very firm and becomes goo-ey if pressed hard, and you can hear the sound of the seed on shaking

Something like this:

In case you get green avocados, cover them in paper, and let them sit for about 3-4 days in open. Once you have a perfect avocado, just scoop out all the flesh, and mix together with the ingredients to get to a consistent mixture. We have seen that traditionally, this is done in a stone-jar with a wooden mashing tool, but it should be all right to use what is available.

And there you go, enjoy the dip with a big bunch of nacho chips. We have known this to be a party-star, and hope you have fun with this too.



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