Janak Bazaar, Dussehra Mela, Old-Delhi

<More updates from our recent visit (2013)>

Every year, at the time of Dussehra, comes up an array of food stalls in one of the most celebrated Ramlilas of Delhi - Dharmik Ramlila in Old Delhi. Janak Bazaar, as it is called, is a not to miss, once an year opportunity to eat the most widest selection of authentic north Indian street food. If you live in North India, and call yourself a foodie, please stop calling yourself that unless you visit this place and indulge in its melange of flavours!!

Here is a list of top 3 things not to miss when you get here. Some of the others worth mentioning are - pao bhaji, kalmi vade (ever heard of this??), rajasthani thali (not street food but its amazing here), loten ke chhole (aha!), and finally daulat ki chaat (a sweet creamy yet frothy artistic dessert). This may seem like another language to the uninitiated, but trust me, all of these are - no one can eat just once - dishes.

1. Kathi Kabab
This (all vegetarian) soya based dish is the superstar here. Served with roomali roti, this is an explosion of rich masalas. Save your appetite for this one!
2. Kulia (Fruit Chaat)
This is not just your everyday fruit chaat. There is an array of large cut fruits to select from - sweet potatoes, pineapple, cucumber, tomato, orange, etc. - and a number of masalas that are topped on the fruits to create a beautiful assortment. The sweetness of the fruits combined with the extremely hot masalas makes this a killer.
3. Kuremal Kulfi
Deciding which kulfi to eat is the toughest thing here. There are easily around 50 flavours on offer - all the way from kiwi (shown here) to imli. The roller kulfi is another interesting option - which is real fruit juices and cream slowly frozen over an ice cylinder. I have eaten Naturals ice cream in Bombay and elsewhere, and love that thing. However, this is the big daddy of all such fruit flavoured ice creams/kulfis! You even get fruit-stuffed rabri which is a true delight
Mango stuffed with Rabri
Anar stuffed Rabri
Kiwi kulfi

Roller kulfi

 4. Makhan ke Samose
A glutton's heaven, these are crisp samosas stuffed with white butter. Intrigued? 


  1. Kuremal ki mithai bhi aati hain... and seriously aapne kalmi vade nai sunne... Bygod NSIT ka naam kharab karrahe ho

  2. Mithai? Will have to try that for sure then. I know kalmi vade but kaafi kam logon ne sune hote hain generally.

  3. Didn't know of this... will surely visit the next time.. thanks for the info! Divisha

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