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Very rarely you chance upon a restaurant that seems to be made just for you. This one is a real class act!! Overall Rating: 4.5/5 !!

Why we wanted to visit: This restaurant offered a Pan-Asian cuisine which had above average reviews in popular restaurant listing sites like Zomato and Tripadvisor. However, what motivated us to go was a Sushi and Dim-Sum Lunch Buffet priced relatively moderately at Rs. 899/- or Rs. 999/- (with alcohol) without taxes.
Happy Tummies!

Why we might go again: Well this one is a really simple question to answer. If you like Sushi (we are nuts about it!!) and dim-sums, this is probably the best place to be. They offer freshly cooked unlimited dim-sums on the table, and unlimited sushi served through a unique concept of conveyor belt. Apart from the unique concept and wide variety, what really made the difference was quality of food and service. The dim sums were thinly wrapped, perfectly steamed melt in your mouth stiff. And the sushi was as good as we have had anywhere (including in Japan!).

Conveyor Belt

Prawn Tempura Roll

Spicy Salmon Roll
Dim Sum Selection

Why we might not go again: Now its hard to find something wrong with such a place, but we would have liked to see a bit more buzz for a Saturday afternoon.

Final Word: Without doubt we had one of the best buffet ever, and also a super pan-asian meal. Go here if you love your Sushi and admire variety in dim-sums than the usual chicken momos. Probably it might not seem worth the cost (around Rs. 1,250 per head including taxes) if you are not fond of Sushi or paper thin dim-sums. However, in either case we would urge you to try this marvel tucked in a little corner of New Friends Colony, Delhi.


  1. Hi Guys - Really liked the review! It is crisp and well articulated.. Will try the place :)

    Keep up the passion and good work!




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