Bernardo's, Goan Restaurant

Ah, the joy of pleasant surprises and experiences beyond expectations. This is the story of “How I met one uncle and aunty bringing flavours from their coastal city to the milieu of Delhi NCR”. The story was written when Salt, Pepper, and Cumin (read Mridul, Neha, and Ankur Sharma) decided to do something different on a Sunday evening. What started with an intellectual comedy play, meandered to some car-o-bar on Gurgaon roads, and ended with a dinner exploding with spices and unique flavours.

We discovered a gem – Bernardo’s, a small Goan cuisine restaurant operated by an elderly couple. This may not be anything new for folks familiar with the Gurgaon region, but for most Dilliwallas this will be a pleasing change of pace. Overall Rating 4/5

Why we might go again: We may like having simple mellowed down food in our daily lives, but at the heart of most Indians resides a desire to eat spicy food once in a while. This place will surely be visited again to fulfil that purpose. Where it also differentiates is the way these dishes are served – with paos and brown rice. One can also try various sea food options like prawns and types of fishes. To stretch the imagination a little, this is a combination of Andhra and Thai cuisines, given the use of coconut and red chilli.

Why we might not go again: This is not the place to enjoy a cozy dinner over conversations. The restaurant itself is tiny and the d├ęcor modest. For folks who do not relish sea food or extreme spicy flavors, there might not be many options. Personally, we’d want to have this kind of food every few months.

Final Word: Go here to try something completely different. One may not get the sun, sand, and beer that Goa reminds one about, but the food is more Goan than on the shacks of Baga Beach!

See below for Ankur’s on the spot highly spirited review



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