Falafels - Egyptian Style!

After being declared mad by my husband for constantly looking for Edamame and Broad Beans (two different type of beans required for two separate dishes) at every vegetable shop, my search for Broad or Fava Beans (dried / fresh) finally came to an end when we came across them at one of the fancy sabziwalas in West Delhi.

We could finally recreate the magic of our everyday Breakfast in Egypt with Falafels and freshly baked Pita Bread.


Ingredients ( 7-8 Falafels)

½ Kg Fresh Fava Beans
1 medium size onion
200 Gms Coriander
Salt to taste
Red Pepper
Roasted cumin powder
1 slice of bread
1 tsp Baking Powder
Seasame Seeds


1. Boil the beans in 2 cups water, and keep it on simmer for about 10 minutes. Drain well

2. Mix all the ingredients in a grinder (except sesame seeds). Grind it into a coarse paste

3. Make flattened balls and coat them with sesame seeds

4. Finally, deep fry the falafels carefully as they are high in water content and may break if rushed.

Pita Bread:

Ingredients (6 – 7 Pita Breads)

1.5 cup All purpose flour
.5 Cup Wheat Flour
1 packet Dry Yeast
Warm water
1 Tbsp Olive Oil


1. Prepare the Dough and let it rise for 2 hours at least.

2. Make 6 small balls out of this dough and roll them and bake them in pre heated oven.


Serve Freshly made Pita Bread Stuffed with hot Falafels, and topped with Tahini or Yogurt Mint Dip along with finely chopped tomatoes and Bell peppers. Have it with
Hot Sauce and enjoy.
 Search for edamame in India is still on….



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