Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mehrauli

It was another turn for the Restaurant Week India, and we finally decided to take the plunge, and indulge in its gastronomy. Among the multiple options in Delhi, we chose a classic - Olive, one of Delhi's most elite and celebrated restaurants. We had been there earlier, but it was worth revisiting.

We can go on and on about how awesome the experience was for us, but I guess it can be best described by the happy faces after an enormously satisfying meal. This is the benchmark against which all fine-dining restaurants will be measured, and we give it a first time ever, Overall rating of 5/5

Why we might go again: Well, why won't we! We were served a six course meal, and among the seven of us we ordered almost everything on the menu. Its extremely rare, but every dish was simply awesome. Such fancy places can often over-indulge with presentation, ignoring the basic flavours that Indians want in their food. But Olive's chefs made no such mistake and everything was bursting with unique flavors. Chose your favourite through the picture essay below.
Amuse Bouche - Broccoli Soup and Cracker with Pesto Sauce
Tomato - Garlic freshly made in a Mortar - The highlight of the evening for some of us!
Artisan skillet bread
Phyllo pie
Tiger prawn with lemon mustard
Chicken skewers with melon salsa
Sorbet with fruit caviar
Bucatini with bacon
Grilled chicken with wine sauce and mashed potatoes
Cajun crusted basa
Red velvet cake
Tiramisu - worth dying for
Spiced hot chocolate pudding
Why we might not go again: Oh, come on! Well, if were too be too critical, we could say the service could have been swifter but, in hindsight, it probably gave us some breathing space and time to reflect!

Final word: You simply cannot be a foodie living in Delhi (NCR) if you have not been to Olive. The ambience is beautiful, and the food exquisite. Go here, today!


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