Oh! Calcutta, Nehru Place

Most of us are in love with Bengali sweets, and having eaten them in Calcutta, we can safely say that they are the best in India. So naturally, we had the curiosity to try to other side of Bengali cuisine and ascertain if it is as good as its sweeter cousin.

Heralded as the best Bengali restaurant in town, Oh! Calcutta has been a haven for foodies  who want to experience the rich cuisine of Bengal. It is owned by the Speciality group (of Mainland China and Sigree fame). Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Why we might go again?
For sea food! We tried the lunch buffet here which provided ample opportunity to try the various types of dishes on order. From prawn main course dishes to fish (bekti) steamed in banana leaf. No wonder that the Bengalis love their fish but what was surprising was that they love prawns as much. The Mexican prawn rice was perhaps the best dish on offer. Served as a salad, it was fresh and flavourful. The chicken starter, cooked on a large electric griller was another gem. We loved the mustard sauces that accompanied it - the spicy standard mustard made fresh, and a sweeter tomatoey version.

Why we might not go again?
Maybe it was our choice to have the lunch buffet, or maybe it was a true reflection of the place, we weren't too thrilled after our meal. The food wasn't bad but we missed the fish curry in the menu, and the assortment of sweets was very disappointing. No assortment of milk mithais we were so desperately craving, but just one average sandesh . Not done!

Final Word
Definitely try this place for a unique experience. However, if you like your food full of flavours, you might not be overwhelmed. As far as coastal cuisines of India are concerned, we will prefer the spicy Malabar and goan cuisines. 
Wonderfully done chicken starter with two types of mustard sauces - standard and sweet
Luchhi - wafer thin puris. They go well with the mains



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