Megu, The Leela Palace

There are times and celebratory occasions when you crave for a particular type of food so much that you feel fine to splurge a little. This was one of those times when we missed our awesome Sushi dinners in US and craved for something exactly the same – not an half-hearted attempt at making the Japanese delicacy.

So we headed to Megu – the Japanese cuisine restaurant at Leela Palace, one of Delhi’s most luxurious hotels. The prices were steep but they were very well matched with service, d├ęcor, and the quality of the food. Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Why we might go again?
When you go to such a place the expectations are obviously very high. After all, who wants to have only above-average food at Rs 2,500 per head! Megu, however, was able to beat our expectations in terms of their complete package – service and food. We started with tempura style prawns and our favourite – Edamame. The beans were perfectly boiled (hard to go wrong with them anyway) and the prawns were crispy, creamy, and soft – all at the same time.

Next came the special sushi rolls and they swept us off our feet. This matched with the best of Sushi’s we have had at other places outside India. Kudos.

And to put the cherry on the cake (they actually provided us a complementary cake!) we ordered an ice cream platter of sorts – green tea and white/black sesame seeds. Yumma!!

Why we might not go again?
We did find the place a little dull for a Friday evening. But then, that can be expected given the limited popularity of the cuisine in India and steep prices. 

Final Word
Go here if you have love your Sushi. Be prepared to shell out a little more than usual, but in our opinion, you will get your money’s worth.
Crispy Kanzuri Prawns
Edamame - Simplest and yummiest dish possible
Dragon roll
Chilli crab and salmon roll
The person waiting on us got us raw wasabi stem to show how they make fresh wasabi !! Was delicious



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