Fez Dining and Bar, Malcha Marg

A birthday, rekindling of old memories, gossip, and the decade-old desire to "hangout" at some place good and new. Such combination of needs has often taken us to interesting restaurants and pubs in Delhi. This was another such time. 

We had been craving for Mediterranean / Lebanese food for a long time and there aren't many places that offer such cuisine in NCR. Fez at Malcha Marg was our answer, and while a bit formal for a friend-hangout place, it did turn up good food. Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Why we might go again?
Well, if you live in west, north or central Delhi and are craving this type of cuisine, Fez is among the few options available. It is moderately priced and has happy hours even on weekends. As for the food, it just had the right amount of spices (they do not make it teekha for the Dilliwallas), unique Mediterranean flavours and nice presentation. They also have a very good variety of vegetarian items. The Chicken Rice (Riz Bi Dajaj) was exquisite and the Zaatar coated grilled vegetables were a true delight.

Why we might not go again?
While the place was packed on a Sunday night, the ambience itself is not too great. They have tried to give it a nice feel, but it just doesn't click too well. Good for a formal dinner though. Their cocktails too left us a tad unsatisfied. However, none of these were major disappointments and won't really make us not go here again.

Final word
If you are bored of the usual Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisines, do go here to try something close to home, yet different. A meal for two should be around Rs. 1,500 (one drink each)

Chicken stuffed with Olives
Cottage Cheese Starter
The Old Fashioned - neither here nor there
Zaatar Coated Grilled Vegetables
Chicken Rice - A must have
Chicken Tajine


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