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We spent three weeks in Europe this summer, travelling across London-Brussels-Amsterdam-Paris-Luzerne-Interlaken-Milan-Venice-Florence-Rome-Ibiza-Barcelona. Besides searching for great monuments, museums, and churches, we were obviously constantly on the hunt for great food. It would be tough to talk about our 21-day tryst with the cuisines of Europe, so see our journey through this photo blog.

We have also tried to give our quick overview of the food scene in each of the city and the not-to-miss stuff

London - Not really a foodies' delight but don't miss the full English Breakfast
Lovely food at Piccadilly Circus

The Full English Breakfast
English Muffins

Brussels - A foodie's haven. Do not miss the Waffles, chocolate truffles, and variety of beer

Serves the best waffles in town
Just your perfect beer place

A wonderful beer served beautifully - Kwak
To die for- Cinnamon Truffles
Spoilt for choice at Delirium Cafe

Had over 2,000 beers in the menu and so many on tap

Amsterdam - Start at Bulldog with the space brownies and you wouldn't care about the rest

Paris - While the savory dishes are nothing great (of course the French won't agree) but the desserts are to die for. Do not miss the macaroons and the Crème Brulee

The ubiquitous chocolate crepes

Afternoon lunch option - club sandwiches

Beautiful meringue

The classic french onion soup

Not to be missed - Crème Brulee

Luzerne - The old town has some really old and lovely restaurants
Cheese Fondue at the 400 year old restaurant

Interlaken - Great swiss food on offer
The classic Swiss Rosti - Potatoes and cheese dish
More cheese

Perfectly crusted chicken

Swiss Chocolates - can't go back without them

Milan - A fashionable city. Try great coffee and gelatos
Its Italy - and the Gelatos begin

Venice - Best thin crust pizzas in Italy

Florence - Great gelatos and trattorias

 Provided the inspiration for our Risotto -

Rome - Its a tiresome city so keep yourself hydrated with gelatos and beers

Ibiza - Forget the food. Its all about sun, sand, and beer

Barcelona - Do not miss the Churros and the Paella. Also visit the La Boqueria market
Churros with chocolate sauce

La Boqueria Market

A Tapas Bar

Sangria galore

Chicken Paella !!



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