Spinach Crêpes

Street food is arguably the best kind of food that you get in any city around the world - from tikkis and gol guppes in Delhi to hot dogs in New York to satays in Singapore. This is especially true for France where the food in normal restaurants is a little weird. Even above average food there comes at a steep price and anything at affordable restaurants is pretty forgettable. A completely different story when we talk about desserts though!

So on our few days in Paris, what we really liked were the crêpes available at every nook and corner. Typically they are served with chocolate sauce or nutella but we even liked the savoury versions with cheeses and other fillings. Back at home, we wanted to cook something relatively healthier and made a version Popeye would surely love!


For Crepes: (Makes 4-5 Crepes)
1 cup baby spinach
1 tbsp Basil leaves
2 eggs
1/3 rd cup – Butter or Olive Oil
Salt as per taste
1 cup milk
3/4th cup all purpose flour
Butter for greasing

For Filling
200 gms cheese (we used Ricotta but any cheese can be used)
5 tomatoes diced
3 cloves of Garlic - chopped
1 tsp Olive Oil
4-5 Basil leaves chopped roughly
Black pepper


For crepe
1. Blanch spinach and cool it. Add it to Grinder

2. Add basil leaves, eggs, milk, oil and salt and grind it into smooth mixture.

3. Add flour to it and make it into a smooth paste. You may use grinder or hand blender to mix flour in the mixture.

4. On a griddle pan / Dosa pan, put slight butter and grease the pan properly.

5. Pour the batter and spread it smooth and let it become crisp on corners.

6. Turn it when it starts leaving the surface and make it crisp on both sides.

For Filling
1. In a microwave bowl, add olive oil and garlic and heat for 1 minute.

2. Add oregano and basil and tomato and heat for 2 mins.

On crisp crepe, put ricotta cheese and then plum tomatoes, fold it and serve hot. You can either fold it like a normal roll or in triangles as it is traditionally done.

You can enjoy this as breakfast, or evening snack. This is all day long snack



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