Meatless Monday: Baked Cauliflower Warm Salad

Over the last couple of years we have grow really fond of baking. And baking across desserts as well as savoury dishes like enchiladas, stuffed rolls, and the list is really endless. But we hadn't yet eaten a baked salad. Does it even exist? Well, we experimented with one and you would have to try and tell us if it does work. 

Here's creating a warm flavourful salad using cauliflower, broccoli and cherry tomatoes among other lovely ingredients including feta cheese (which of course, can be replaced by cottage cheese)

1 large cauliflower – cut florets
1 broccoli
1 medium red onion – finely chopped
10 – 15 cherry tomato
100 gms feta cheese – crumbles
1 cup spinach – finely chopped
1 tbsp coriander – finely chopped
1 tsp lemon juice
Black pepper
Cinnamon powder
Cardamom powder
White pepper
Chilli flakes
Olive oil

Optional add
150 gms tofu  - cut in cubes
Piri – piri sauce


1. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle some salt over broccoli and tomatoes and bake them at 220 degrees (centigrade) for 15 mins. Cherry tomatoes are the mainstay of this salad. They will provide that burst of tangy acidic flavour in the midst of other mellow veggies.

2. Chop cauliflower in a chopper or using a grater and put it in a baking dish. Add chopped onions to it. Spray olive oil, black pepper and salt and bake it for 20 mins at 220 degrees

3. Wilt spinach in slight butter in a pan for 3-5 mins and take out it in a dish.

4. Now this is an option step, but it will make the salad even more flavourful and hearty. In the same pan, add butter and toast tofu cubes in it till crisp. Sautee them in piri- piri sauce and glaze it with honey.

5. Now mix cauliflower, broccoli , tomatoes, tofu, spinach, coriander and feta cheese.

6. Add all spices. Mix and the dish is ready.

You may garnish with toasted flaked almonds


  1. This turned out pretty well! I also added parboiled chickpeas and a few crushed cashews for a bit of crunch - went really well together!



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