Pickled Onions

An Indian meal is an elaborate affair. On a typical dinner, one would have 2 curries, breads, maybe rice and to accompany them would be salads / pickles / papads. But there is one accompaniment which elevates the experience and is perhaps the simplest thing to make!

Pickled onions! 


20 - 25 small red onions
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp vinegar (basic / white wine / apple cider)


1. Peel and wash all the onions.

2. Make 2 cuts in each onion, perpendicular to each other.

3. Add salt and vinegar to it.

4. Shake it after 3- 4 hours.

Its ready to consume after 24 hrs. To avoid making it very sour , you may keep pickled onion in refrigerator.



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