Roasted Berries Frozen Yogurt

Well this was bound to happen sooner or later if you have a food blog. We post recipes with the intention of inspiring people to try those dishes at their homes, and not ask us to make more of it for them. However, when good friends ask such questions, we don't always mind (maybe saying this is too risky, but is only true for really good friends!)

And when a friend asked a recipe to be created for her birthday, how could we say no. And when this request turns out really good, its such a win-win situation. Thank you Sanjeeta for asking us to prepare this for you. Hope you liked it - and next time prepare it yourself :)

Ingredients (serves 1-2)

200 gms black berries (frozen or fresh)
200gms raspberries (frozen or fresh)
8 tbsp maple syrup / honey
1.5 cups of hung curd / greek yogurt


1. In a baking dish, line up berries along with 5 tbsp of honey or maple syrup. (adjust as per sweetness of berries)

2. Roast berries for approx 30 mins at 170 degrees

3. In a bowl mix curd with the remaining honey or maple syrup as per taste.

4. Add berries to curd and mix evenly for uniform color and unevenly for that marble effect that some people like.

5. Freeze for atleast 8 - 10 hours.



  1. it looks healthy and great!

    1. Dina it was great :) Made it for a friend and she was super happy to have it :D



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