Avocado Sandwich

So this is what we heard about nutrition - there are foods which are high in calories but low in nutrition (breads, junk food, etc.) and then there are foods which are low in calories and high in nutrition (fruits, raw vegetables, etc.) and then there are only a few, that are both high in nutrition and calories - bananas, avocado, etc. But it is only avocado which has unique nutritional qualities unlike any other thing found in nature. With so many dishes being made with avocados, we made a simple sandwich, just perfect to brighten up a lazy Sunday morning.

One can also call this guacamole, de-constructed and layered in breads!


4 slices of bread
1 fully ripe avocado
1 medium sized onion, cut in slices
1 medium sized tomato, cut in slices
7-8 slices of jalapeƱos
2 slices of cheese (optional)
Lemon juice
Salt and pepper
Cilantro (chopped)


1. Make the avocado spread - Take out the flesh from a fully ripe avocado and mash into a paste. Add about 1 tsp lemon juice, salt and pepper.

2. Lightly saute the onions in a little bit of oil or butter. Just a little to remove their pungency

3. Now take butter in a pan and put two butter slices. Add the slices of cheese (optional) and cover with a lid and make the flame on "low". This will allow the breads to toast and the cheese to melt.

4. Now take the buttered breads with cheese side up. Meanwhile prepare the other two slices of bread as well.

5. Layer the sandwich - Start with sliced tomatoes and top with the avocado spread.

6. Add the onions, jalapenos and top with a generous portion of cilantro. Add the slices of bread to complete a really refreshing and healthy sandwich.


  1. that is a seriously good looking sandwich.. definitely craving one now, looks delicious!

    1. Hey.. Thanks. My husband made it for me and believe me it was a really good way to start my day :)
      I am sure you'll enjoy it!



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