Restaurant Review: Farzi Cafe

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Farzi Café at Cyber Hub is a really popular restaurant and has been so ever since it opened about an year back. Owned by Zorawar Kalra (celebrated chef Jiggs Kalra’s son), this restaurant is about making Indian food look really cool and Indianizing other global food items.

Why we would go again?
There are just so many reasons why we will but to summarize – the food here is just perfectly well balanced – full of taste (not the pretentious fine-dining types) and served with very innovative presentation. This is marrying Michelin-star quality gourmet cuisine with comfort food. 

Start with their innovative drinks - the screwdriver was served in a bunta bottle and the apple martini serve with a foam on top and dry ice for effect. The street food staple Raj Kachori is served with a spicy foam on top and chicken starter was served in tart shells.

They even serve palette cleansers like the nitrogen oxide solidified yoghurt shooters and the hajmola candies. Do not miss their mains as well. The chicken tikka served in a telephone booth and the paneer tikka with a worth-to-die-for gravy were some of the best mughlai gravies we have had. 

To finish, try their unique desserts like phirni oxide (made right on the table using liquid nitrogen) and their complementary paan to end it all. 

What we tried is merely 20% of all the innovation this place has to offer. One atleast needs to come here 5 times to try everything !

Why we would not go again?
We definitely would, there is no reason to not go here again. However, if you are not a foodie and are mostly satisfied with your regular butter chicken and dal makhni, you might get overwhelmed with the complexity of their food and find the experience too pretentious. Also, they don’t allow kids during dinner time so one should keep that in mind while planning an outing

Final Word
You are missing the next big thing in Indian restaurant circle if you are not visiting Farzi Café. Even if you live in the far corners of Noida (east of Delhi), this place deserves a trip to Gurgaon (south-west of Delhi).

Yoghurt Palette Cleanser

Daal Arancini

Apple Foamintini

Chicken in Tart Shells

Raj Kachori with Spicy Foam

Maple glazed Lamb Shanks

Pao Bhaji (Ratatouille) truck

The freshly prepared Phirni Oxide


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