Doda Burfi Treacle Tart

There are Indian restaurants, there are fusion restaurants and then there is Manish Mehrotra's Indian Accent. It is the highest rated and most critically acclaimed place in India and we just love it. We tried it during the Citibank restaurant week and the menu on offer was a 7-course affair starting with Blue Cheese mini kulchas to ravioli khandvi and ended with this - Warm Doda Burfi Treacle Tart served with homemade vanilla bean ice cream. Heaven on Earth !!

And that's when the quest started - to recreate that amazing dessert in our kitchen. And with a lot of pride we want to say - We Did It !! It is perhaps our most audacious attempt at making this really complex dessert. To simplify it is the British treacle tart (Harry Potter's favourite!!) where the tart filling is mixed with doda burfi crumbs ( a traditional Indian mithai). Sounds simple enough? Go for it's the best thing you would have ever had.


For making golden syrup (yield - 350 gms golden syrup)
1 3/4 cup sugar
250 ml water
3.5 tbsp fresh lemon juice

For making tart
1 cup flour
1 egg
100 gms white butter (chilled)
3/4 cup icing sugar

For the filling
300 gms golden syrup
40 gms fresh cream
2 eggs
100 gms white butter chocolate sponge crumbs - half cup
Dodha burfi - 50 to 100 gms


Golden Syrup
1. In a heavy bottom deep pan, add sugar and water and let it boil on medium heat.

2. Strain the lemon juice and as the sugar mixture starts boiling, reduce flame to min and add lemon juice to it.

3. Let it cook for next 25-35 mins on slow heat.

4. Keep checking after every 7 - 10 mins and use a brush to scrap off edges to avoid crystallization on sides. Do not stir the liquid after adding lemon juice.

5. Syrup is ready when you see lot of bubbles on the surface.

Let it cool down. Ideally  use it after 24 hrs for best results. Also, you can save this in a jar in refrigerator for couple of months. We got  this right in the second time only

1. Mix all the ingredients to form a dough.

2. Roll it into a thin sheet (around 3 mm - 5mm thickness)

3. Grease Tart mould and spread dough sheet on it uniformly.

4. Bake it at 150c for 30 mins in a pre-heated oven.

Tart shell is ready.

1. In a pan, heat the white butter on low flame till it turns yellow.

2. Add golden syrup and stir well

3. Remove it from flame when it starts boiling

4. Mix egg and cream together and add it to pan once it cools down a bit. You can strain if any lumps are formed with the eggs

1. In Tart shell, add half the filling mix. First add a layer of cake crumbs uniformly on the shell. Pour in rest of the filling and add the doda burfi crumbs. This is what is really going to give it a nice and crisp top layer

2. Bake it at 150 degrees for 40 mins in a pre-heated oven. Check after 40 minutes with a folk to see if the filling is a bit set, doesn't need to get fully done since it will set once it cools down. You may want to bake for 5-10 min more if you desire a more firm filling.

Serve it warm and with vanilla ice cream. The filling is really sweet and get balanced by the tart and the vanilla ice cream


  1. Thank you! We visited Indian Accent in NYC on Thanksgiving and enjoyed their prix fixe menu. The food was amazing, and this tart just incredible!



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