Hazelnut Macarons with Cocoa Filling

Our final blog of the year is also our most audacious cooking attempt. Read more for the story of how we got our Macarons right...

After 2 trips to Paris and multiple trips to Laduree (Mecca of Macarons) and arguably equally good Pierre Herme Macarons, we were convinced that there is no dessert comparable to French Macarons. It's hard to figure what lies beneath - has a crunchy but slightly gooey from inside biscuit crusts that have a very unique base flavor and a complementing ganache / icing in the center. 

When we started to search for the recipe, we realized why Macarons are a specialty and only few bakeries can get it right. It's made with almond flour, giving it that unique flavor and uses a whipped egg white meringue that gives it the classic texture it is known for. 

However, understanding the recipe is one thing and getting it right is a totally different ballgame. This is one hell of a finicky recipe - the proportions have to be accurate, the steps need to be diligently followed and even after that you need to have some good luck that day :)

After 2 failed attempts we finally got what they look and taste like. M and N will not be modest today and we would like to pat ourselves for our outcome. We don't claim ownership of this recipe but this is the one we would go back to if we have to make again. We also recommend that you follow a few videos to get a sense of the process if you ever feel adventurous to try this out.

HAPPY NEW YEAR our dear Readers !!


For Macaron Biscuits
3/4th cup almond flour
1 cup and 1/4 cup powdered sugar
2 large egg whites
1/2 tsp Hazelnut flavor
Pinch of salt

For Filling
Icing cream
Cocoa powder


1. Make sure everything is at room temperature so take out everything from the fridge well before you start.

2. Sieve 1 cup sugar sugar in a bowl and then sieve almond flour in same bowl. This ensures the right consistency.

3. Add a pinch of salt to this. This is a high on sugar recipe so a pinch of salt helps to balance it.

The arduous meringue process...
In case eggs are from refrigerator, keep them outside overnight or you may separate egg whites in the night and leave it. We really recommend watching a video to get this process right. No other way to understand it. You would also need an electric blender with this.

4. Begin to whip the egg whites and once you start to get some froth (takes about a minute), add in half of the 1/4 cup sugar.

5. Continue to whip for another 60-90 seconds and add the remaining half of 1/4 cup sugar to eggs.

Now we will continue to make soft peaks which takes about another 90-120 seconds and looks something like the pic below. They separate out but don't look up.

This is the time to add some flavoring or coloring. We used 1/2 tsp hazelnut flavor. 

Continue to whip for another 90-120 seconds till you get stiff peaks. This is where it becomes really tricky - you have to stop at the right time; can't not have the peaks as stiff and can't also over do it or else the biscuits will crack !

6. Now add half of flour and sugar mix to the whipped egg whites and fold in such a way that all the air is not released (again we recommend a video like this). Add remaining flour mix and make a uniform batter.

7. In a baking tray, make uniform circles on parchment paper. We used a coin to get same size biscuits. Flip the paper so the pencil marks are at the bottom.

8. With the help of a piping bag, pour batter in circles on baking sheet.

9. This step is very critical. Bang the tray from each side on the kitchen slab so as to release any trapped air bubble. This will ensure that cookie surface doesn't break.

10. Leave tray for 40 - 50 mins for them to dry and form an outer layer that will define the biscuit crust.

11. In a pre-heated oven, bake them at 150 degrees for 15 mins. They will begin to form neck in about 5 mins. Make sure to watch closely after 12 min as you don't want any browning at all except at the bottom hidden parts.

12. Remove them from tray.They will come out of parchment paper very easily. Let them completely cool down. Test your will power by not having one piping hot biscuit (we didn't have much will power!)

13. Now for the filling. We mixed the store bought icing cream with a generous helping of cocoa powder but you can choose any flavoring. The hazelnut of the biscuits goes well with the chocolate filling.

Tada !! The Macarons are ready to be devoured.


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