Nolan Gur Kheer

There has been a recent infusion of bong food in Delhi, with a number of independent restaurants opening along with the chains like Oh, Calcutta! Apart from the lovely fish curries, these have brought in great desserts, especially those made from gur / jaggery. So when a bong friend mentioned where one can find the specific variety of gur used to make these desserts, we lapped up the opportunity to try one. The winter weather also helped in increasing the appetite and the motivation to cook. The result - spectacular !! You can't go back to sugar after this.


1litre full cream milk
1 handful + 1 tsp of basmati rice
1/2 cup nolan gur / jaggery (the solid form, which is also called patali gur)
2 cardamom- powdered
Pistachios and cashews- chopped


1. Rinse rice thoroughly and then soak it for 10-15 min.

2. In a pan, add 4 tbsp water and then milk. Boil milk and then let it cook on slow gas. Stir it occasionally so it doesn't stick.

3. Remove the water and dry rice on a cloth.

4. Once milk is reduced to half the quantity, take 2 spoons in a separate bowl.

5. Add rice to milk and continuously stir

6. In boiling milk taken in a bowl, add little gur and see if milk get a curdled.

7. If milk curdles, then gur is not good. Do not use it and buy another batch (for the time being you can use sugar)

8. Now, when rice is about 80% cooked, add jaggery to it. While adding jaggery, be careful.
Best way to do this step is to take lil milk in a bowl and then dissolve jaggery in it to form a thick paste. Now remove pan from the heat and add jaggery paste to it.

9. On slow heat, stir kheer continuously to get desired consistency.

10. Add cardamom powder.

11. Cool it off in refrigerator

Garnish with pistachios and cashews and serve


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