Cracker Pizza

There never can't be too many party snacks on one's blog. We keep searching for things we can make relatively quickly without frying for informal get-togethers. Not only is frying unhealthy in general, you don't relish fried appetizers in this Indian summer. Cracker topping recipes are age old but we took them a step further by using the cracker as a base and making mini pizzas. Loved the result - crunch of crackers and the familiar taste of simple veg. pizza

Pack of cream crackers
Pizza sauce
Grated mozrella cheese
Grated processed cheese
Roughly chopped bell peppers
Roughly chopped onion
Sweet corn
Black pepper

1. Spread pizza sauce on crackers

2. Top it with vegetables, oregano and pepper

3. Load this with both cheese in 1:1 ratio

4. Heat this in pre heated oven for 2-3 mins so that cheese melts

Serve hot with Mustard sauce



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