Zesty Orange Twist

I know I know... we haven't been posting recipes in the recent past. We don't want to delve into the excuses but just that we'd get back t our blogging ways again now. While not posting recipes, we still have been cooking and experimenting with new things. Here's coming back with a twist one can add to any juice/mocktail/cocktail for a refreshing take - it's the use of lime/lemon leaves!


15-20 lime/lemon leaves (if you find the Thai kaffir lime leaves, even better)
3/4 glass orange juice
4 tsp sugar
Club soda


1. This recipe needs a bit of pre-work. A couple of hours before serving the drinks, prepare the concentrate. Add the sugar and lime leaves to 1 cup of water and bring to a boil.

2. Take off the flame and store in a container for 2 hours for the flavors to infuse and the concentrate to cool down

3. To make the drink, simple add 1/4th of the concentrate to a glass, the orange juice, ice cubes and top it with some club soda. Of course, you can adjust these quantities to make it more sweeter, tangier, etc.

Enjoy the fresh smell and taste of lemon with classic orange juice !


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